The Endo Babe Virtual Retreat Begins!!

October 3rd & 4th! 12p - 2:30p CST

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Are you a womxn with endo who

  • Would you like to learn to create a life that supports your healing with endometriosis?

  • Would you like to learn how to call more money into your life by healing your pain?

  • Would you like to have a greater connection to and love for your body with endometriosis?

  • && Are you struggling with where to start?

Imagine a life where

  • Your endo was managed well enough you could actually chase your dreams

  • You were making income through your side hustle so you never had to stress if you missed a day of work, or hey! Maybe you’re making so much through your side biz you can leave your job that causes you so much stress and endo pain!!!

  • You understood your triggers and how to manage your endo in a way that supports you healing leading to more good days than bad

  • You learned to manage your endo & create a life that you can’t get enough of, one that makes you happy, fulfilled, one that is passion centered instead of pain centered!


Super Weekend Oct 3rd & 4th!

DAY 1: Understand your energy, body, and mind to manage your endo

⚡️Learn to assess/reflect on your endo and triggers in a way you've never experienced before!

⚡️Body love, acceptance and stepping into your power!

⚡️A touch of Human Design to learn how you can use it in your life to make decisions for your endo, manifest, and become less exhausted because you are living in alignment!

DAY 2: Align your energy with your life to manage your endo

⚡️Intimacy, sex, and endo

⚡️Learn to create a side biz, & learn different online businesses that you can start/create to bring more money into your life and reduce stress!

⚡️Live Q & A panel w guest multiple six figure business coach Jonnie Agresta all about making money online, starting your own biz, and making an impact while making an income!

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I got you covered!

Endo Babe Empowerment is committed to helping people with endometriosis across all race, gender, age, religion, identity, sexuality. We honor, respect, and embrace each person’s unique background when they enter into the Endo Babe family. And we do not tolerate racism, discrimination, or prejudice. Period.