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There is so much contradicting information out there its hard to know what YOU need to do to manage YOUR endometriosis. 

&& that is exactly what we help you with in EBA. Learning to manage your endometriosis goes so much deeper than just learning your trigger foods. In EBA we give you all the step-by-step tools you need to improve your mindset, feel happy in your body & have more good days than bad while living with endometriosis!

Then the Endo Babe Academy is for you Babe!

Improve your mindset, learn to love your body & begin to feel like yourself again so you can be happy in your body!

See what EBA graduates are saying!


"Chelsea changed my life. She taught me how to love my body instead of resent it. Working with Chelsea gave me the tools to manage not only my endo but to take my life back. I had the confidence & knowledge to make an appointment with an endometriosis specialist. I now have way more good days than bad. I know what my trigger foods are and I am truly enjoying life again. Not only did I get an endo coach who cares and is so passionate about her clients but I gained a dear friend. Thanks girl for keeping me accountable and making me, me again."


"I have only one regret, I wish I found Chelsea and did this sooner. I went into the academy with so much hate in my heart towards my body, myself and my life overall. If someone asked me to tell them one good thing about myself I would’ve had to struggle to find even one... I had to make a decision to better myself. Chelsea makes you think, makes you challenge yourself and helps you better yourself. I have left Endo Babe Academy a better version of myself, I give myself more grace, I appreciate my body, my life and have more good days than bad."


"Thank you so much for being my endo coach. My life is forever changed because of you. Your love and encouragement is unwavering. Thank you for everything you do! I really appreciate you!"


"Before Endo Babe Academy I was in a complete pit, I was very depressed, very angry at the world, at myself, at my body, at my life.. But the biggest thing I've gotten out of this program is a sense of worth... I still have bad flare days, but I came out of this with such a different mindset & it has made a huge difference in my life. I am so so grateful & I highly recommend it for any girl that is struggling... Chelsea brings something so incredible to the table, how she just wants to be there for you and support you. If you have any doubts just take a minute, take a breathe, and just know from my experience, this program can definitely help you!"

Hi I'm Chelsea!

I help womxn with endometriosis take the right action towards healing + love themselves again! I'm intimate with your pain because it used to be mine. I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2012 and I went from being angry all the time, unable to cope with my pain and my endo diagnosis to learning to navigate endo in a way that worked for me, being happy + fully loving my body!! I am here to help you in any way that I can because, well, I am you and I understand what it feels like to have your pain dismissed and to feel invisible. I also know how empowering it feels to be more in control of your endometriosis symptoms, to love your body, and be happy in your body. Are you ready to feel empowered too?

As a student in EBA, you will learn:

What YOU need to do to manage YOUR endometriosis in a healthy, positive way that works for your individual body. We are all unique and deserve a unique healing plan. In this course I take you through my 5 step Endo Babe process that has taken myself and my clients from being angry and hating our endo to fully loving ourselves & having more good days than bad <3

Jonnie Agresta - Registered Dietitian

Guest Coach

Jonnie is a Registered Dietitian! She will help you get clear on exactly what you need to be eating, help you learn how to love your body and love food again, and help you gain control over your nutrition and fitness habits so you can start loving food + loving your life again

Shalane Carter - Energy Healer + Spiritual Coach

Guest Coach

Shalane is a personal trainer, yoga teacher, meditation and mindfulness connoisseur, lightworker, and lover of donuts! She specializes in helping women connect to their bodies and spirit through movement and meditation! She is an incredible human being and she is going to teach you how to reduce your stress, and heal energy blockages with meditation!

If you're an Endo Babe who is ready to love yourself, and learn to be happy in your body with endo

I want you to grab some champagne & Join this next round of EBA!

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1 payment of $750 (normally $997) + FREE Endo Babe Journal

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We start on 7/13/2020

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