What is the Endo Babe Academy DIY

The Endo Babe Academy is a self paced, transformative online coaching program for womxn with endometriosis!

Step into your most empowered badass endo babe self

Fuck what everyone else says!

This is about learning to listen to and figure out what works for your individual body so you can finally be free from your endo and take your fucking life back!!!

In this course you will learn everything you need to know to completely change your life <3

With nutrition advice from a Registered Dietitian, meditations and spiritual practices, mindset work to help you cultivate self love, & soo much more, you'll leave this program with all of the tools you need to completely manage your endo and fucking love yourself again

Are you struggling...

  • Being angry at your body for getting endometriosis

  • Not knowing what to do now that you have your diagnosis

  • Learning to love your body through endometriosis

  • Feeling like a burden and feeling guilty because of your endometriosis

  • Not knowing what to eat and how to exercise without flaring

  • Lost hope and feeling like you aren't worthy of having more good days than bad

  • Giving yourself grace and being too hard on yourself and your body

Then this program was made for you Babe!

See what other womxn are saying about EBA DIY!

Barbara G

"Chelsea changed my life. She taught me how to love my body instead of resent it. Working with Chelsea gave me the tools to manage not only my endo but to take my life back. I had the confidence & knowledge to make an appointment with an endometriosis specialist. I now have way more good days than bad. I know what my trigger foods are and I am truly enjoying life again. Not only did I get an endo coach who cares and is so passionate about her clients but I gained a dear friend. Thanks girl for keeping me accountable and making me, me again."

Sonika C

"I have only one regret, I wish I found Chelsea and did this sooner. I went into the academy with so much hate in my heart towards my body, myself and my life overall. If someone asked me to tell them one good thing about myself I would’ve had to struggle to find even one... I had to make a decision to better myself. Chelsea makes you think, makes you challenge yourself and helps you better yourself. I have left Endo Babe Academy a better version of myself, I give myself more grace, I appreciate my body, my life and have more good days than bad."

Kaitlyn S

"Thank you so much for being my endo coach. My life is forever changed because of you. Your love and encouragement is unwavering. Thank you for everything you do! I really appreciate you!"

Heather R

"Before Endo Babe Academy I was in a complete pit, I was very depressed, very angry at the world, at myself, at my body, at my life.. But the biggest thing I've gotten out of this program is a sense of worth... I still have bad flare days, but I came out of this with such a different mindset & it has made a huge difference in my life. I am so so grateful & I highly recommend it for any girl that is struggling... Chelsea brings something so incredible to the table, how she just wants to be there for you and support you. If you have any doubts just take a minute, take a breathe, and just know from my experience, this program can definitely help you!"

Jordann Q

"Having endo is so scary because of the enormous amount of misinformation most of us get from both doctors and our own research alike. It’s so easy to feel lost and alone especially when you’re first diagnosed or first figuring out you might have endo. Chelsea’s endo babe academy diy is a priceless compilation of REAL and accurate endo info. Besides just the medical side, her instruction goes beyond how to help yourself physically...so much of healing is mental and emotional. I’ve learned so much about myself through her lessons on beliefs, mindset, and self love. Would truly be lost in my diagnosis without this program."

Check out these amazing results from womxn who have gone through EBA!

More days with less pain! Its possible for you too!


This is your chance to finally get the life you've dreamed of by taking this step in investing in yourself, your health, and your future!

  • What do you want your life to look like in 1 year? in 5 years?
  • Do you want to look back at this time and be grateful that you made the decision to put yourself first for once? 

Because when you start to show up for yourself, start to take action towards your goals & start to see your pain as a catalyst for change, growth, and healing, you realign with the womxn you are meant to be and take your power back.

I know investing is scary, especially right now.

But I encourage you to step out of your current reality and imagine:

  • What would more good days than bad give you?
  • What type of womxn do you want to become?
  • What does your future self look like? 
  • What kind of life does she have?

&& I want you to rise into that womxn, into your potential, and make your decision out of the possibility of what your life can look like in the future<3 

Because anything is possible!

You probably didn't think you would ever live through a pandemic, but here we are.

Things change when we decide that they change.

You are a powerful womxn!

You do not have to be defined by your endo!

&& You are only one decision away from creating the life of your dreams!  One with more love, more good days, and more happiness Babe!

Add on 1:1 Coaching Calls w Chelsea!

Purchase of this course does not include live 1:1 coaching with Chelsea. If you would like to add on 1:1 coaching calls, please see details below

  • Add on items: One, three, or six 60 min, 1:1 intensive calls with just you and Chelsea.

    Get coached individually on your mindset, limiting beliefs, and endometriosis so you can release the emotional and mental hold they have on you & step into your most ambitious and blissful Endo Babe self. Get your questions from Endo Babe Academy DIY answered so you can move away from pain and into the womxn you are meant to be that much quicker!

Add on 1 coaching call w Chelsea

$150 ($100 off)

Add on 3 coaching calls w Chelsea - Most Popular

$133/call x 3 calls = $400 ($350 off)

Endo Babe Empowerment is committed to helping people with endometriosis across all race, gender, age, religion, identity, sexuality. We honor, respect, and embrace each person’s unique background when they enter into the Endo Babe family. And we do not tolerate racism, discrimination, or prejudice. Period.